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Polyester Polyols

All polyol classes used in polyurethanes have a set of unique attributes that make them useful as the soft-segment in specific polyurethane elastomer applications. Selecting the best polyol for a specific formula can be the difference between making a high-quality product or one that’s low-performing. The key for proper material selection is a good understanding of the inherent characteristics of each polyol chemistry. polyol.

Polyol 10,15,25,45% and formulated Polyol for rigid foam industry.


We also have a wide range of isocyanates suitable for every industry i.e. Flexible, semi-flexible and rigid foam.


Polyurethane Systems

Our polyurethane systems can help you meet the changing needs you’re facing in the consumer comfort, industrial, and energy efficiency markets. From mattresses to automobile interiors to spray foam insulation to footwear,

Polyurethane Auxiliaries

Polyurethane Auxiliary Chemicals are equally important as Polyurethane system since they impact the final outcome, look and feel of the finished product.

Normal pentane, cyclopentane and isopentane as a foaming/blowing agents.

Speciality Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives can offer unique characteristics because of the wide variation in physical properties that can be achieved by modifying their formulation. Flexible polyurethane adhesives, for example, can distribute stresses evenly throughout a bonded assembly.


Prepolymers & Coatings

provides innovative polyurethane technology as key component for a range of coating systems,